The Full Roof Restoration System

The Roof Membrane Next Generation coating system is a full restoration process installed by Dulux® AcraTex® Registered Roofing Applicators to ensure total confidence.

Tile Roof Restoration Process

Metal Roof Restoration Process



The entire roof is inspected for damage and preparation requirements.


The roof is high pressure washed with water directed away in an environmentally friendly manner using lay-flat hosing as required.


Specialist corrosion control primers are installed where required. System options for Galvanised, Zincalume® or precoated metal.

Roof Membrane

Two coat application encapsulating the surface. Roof Membrane Next Generation provides ultimate protection, durability and weather proofing.

Dulux® AcraTex® has you covered for a Professional Roof Restoration System.

As the largest and most trusted coatings company in Australia, we don’t just stop at walls –
Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane Next Generation is a full Professional Roof Restoration System with:
Roof Restoration System
• High Build Barrier Protection
• Dulux colour and durability
• Systems for Tile or Metal Roofs
• Choice of Conventional or Cool Roof Technology
• Extended Colour Range – More Choice

Traditional roofing colours plus popular Tile and Metal roofing colours – all with Dulux durability.