Runaway Bay Monument
Runaway Bay – Monument
November 22, 2023
Runaway Bay Monument
Runaway Bay – Monument
November 22, 2023
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Ashmore Roof Restoration – Monument


Ashmore Roof Restoration – Monument

This roof was restored by Affordable Total Restorations in Ashmore. The roof restoration carried out included pressure cleaning the roof, gutters and fascias, replacing all broken and chipped tiles, repointing in flexi point, applying a sealer primer coating to the roof, applying two coats of roof membrane 962 in Dulux Monument.

Ashmore Roof Restoration – Monument

  • Pressure clean tiled roof, gutters, and fascia’s
  • Replace broken tiles caps
  • Full repoint in Flexi-point
  • Mould rid tile noses
  • Apply sealer/primer coating
  • 1st colour coating of Dulux 962
  • 2nd colour coating of Dulux 962
The tile roof restoration process
  1. Inspection/Repair – First of all The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding, moss, and lichen. We then replace (where required) Damaged tiles and faulty valley irons.
  2. Clean – We then apply a high-pressure wash to the roof with water directed away in an environmentally friendly manner using lay-flat hosing as required.
  3. Re-bed and Re-point – We then re-bed Ridge capping where required. Ridge capping is then re-pointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.
  4. Sterilise – Fungal and algal spoilage must be treated before recoating. AcraTex® PrepTreat is applied after cleaning to sterilise the surface.
  5. Primer/Sealer – The entire roof area is sealed to ensure strong adhesion with Roof Membrane Next Generation. A range of specialty primers are designed to work in a system to suit specific conditions.
  6. Roof Membrane – Two coat application encapsulating the surface. Roof Membrane Next Generation provides ultimate protection, durability and weatherproofing.

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We use only the best products and supply a ten-year warranty for all roof restorations carried out by Affordable Total Restorations. Roof cleaning, roof repairs or roof painting please call for a free no-pressure quote.

Our customers were extremely happy with the result of their roof makeover. Affordable Total Restorations also offers a one-stop-shop so if you are looking to renovate the exterior of the property including house painting and gutter replacement. Other examples of our work